Friday, March 19, 2010


Easter Rabbit just got this really cool and thoughtful review by Mike Young at his very own Noo Journal. He says such smart stuff like,

"These stories tick along with such sentences until the camera starts to melt: the world suddenly understood not through mimetic language but through the imposition of imagination. Conversations invent machines, a spider bite invents a vision of God" and "their job is to permute our circumstances and our language until they’ve uncovered new ways to make our world mysterious again."

Isn't that great? It's poetry itself, those words.

Rabbit also got a review from Stefani R. Maclin, who seems to be a librarian. She says,

"...hidden among these pages are treasures of tiny portraits, slices of life, of love, death, and breath. Cities and heartbreaks both rise from the ashes here, each story grasping at 'starlight... out of reach' with 'small and smaller tries.'"

That's nice too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Linkner Likes Rabbit

A fine shout to writer and reader Andy Linker and his blog Outside of a Dog, whereat he writes up the many books he reads. It's quite a nice source of indie and other books. Says Andy on Rabbit, "These are highly intriguing and often strikingly beautiful miniatures. Highly recommended." Thanks!