Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thomas Spande

Painter Thomas Spande is going to trade me this painting for a copy of Easter Rabbit. This is so lucky!


The blog from Pank Magazine included Easter Rabbit in their "Five Things, It's Friday" post. They also linked Shellie Zacharia's new book, Now Playing, which is on preorder from Keyhole.

Over at Matt Bell's blog, Matt in all kindness reprints my story, "Valentine," which is included in Easter Rabbit. Matt is behind the super new, super great magazine The Collagist.

At Goodreads, some new folks have put Easter Rabbit on their to-read lists:

P.H. Madore runs the magazine, Dispatch Litareview. Ellen Frances says, "[P. H. Madore] is nice."

We just heard about Matt Bell above. Here's some more though: Matt Bell is the author of two chapbooks, The Collectors and How the Broken Lead the Blind, and has had fiction published recently in Conjunctions, Gulf Coast, Meridian, Monkeybicycle, and Keyhole. He lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Peter Cole is the editor of Keyhole Magazine. He also does Nashville Is Reads. He also does a lot of stuff.

J. Michael Wahlgren has Gold Wake Press. If you click his name, you'll see things about old cameras and poetry. His book Credo is forthcoming from Greying Ghost Press.

Ryan W. Bradley is currently working on his MFA in creative writing from Pacific University. His poetry and fiction has been published or is forthcoming in The Oregonian, A Thousand Faces, Third Wednesday, Yippee Magazine, and Gander Press Review. He has also "pumped gas."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some people have been good enough to post about Easter Rabbit on their blogs.

Paula Bomer tells us about the Easter Rabbit preorder on her fittingly eponymous blog, Paula Bomer. Fittingly, she tells us, "I'm a writer." After having seen her read at the 510 Series here in Baltimore, I can say "and a good one!"

Meanwhile, at more blogs more fittingly named, J.A. Tyler, at J.A. Tyler blog, writes, "EASTER RABBIT by joseph young - a collection of micro-fictions that promises to pummel & overwhelm." Read the excerpt, "the ostrich," from his novella The Zoo, A Going.

Finally, Adam Robinson writes about this blog on his blog. Adam says, "Joe Young is keeping a funny blog about press for Easter Rabbit. I don't know why I think it's funny, maybe because it's so blatantly promotional. It seems like if you come within 100 e-feet of the book, like comment on it somewhere or decline writing about it for your ping pong blog or ADD IT TO YOUR GOODREADS PAGE, Joe will write, like, a microbio about you."

Adam has a book coming out some time from Narrow House that's going to be amazing.

HTML Giant

There's a bit of noise about Easter Rabbit over at HTML Giant. Thanks, Blake, thanks, everybody.

Mike Young says, "joe young has been one of my favorite “online writers” for 5+ years

i published one of his stories in the first issue of noo: “domestic”

joe young walked me kindly to a strange and lovely comic book store but didn’t go inside with me because he had to go swimming

this is also an accurate summary of his prose

joe young rocks"

Josh Maday says, "Joe Young’s collection is, of course, excellent. If you read it once, you’ll read it twice, at least (I have my sources). Young’s microfictions function like emergency life rafts in that he gets this ostensibly small bit of material into your head and then pulls the cord and something huge unfolds.

Well, I gave that metaphor a good beating.

Anyway, I’m excited to see this book."


A few folks have added Easter Rabbit to their to-read lists, for which I'm really greatful.

Jason Jordan holds an MFA from Chatham University. His forthcoming books are Cloud and Other Stories (Six Gallery Press, 2009) and Powering the Devil's Circus: Redux (Six Gallery Press, 2009). His prose has appeared online and in print in over forty literary magazines. Additionally, he’s Editor-in-Chief of decomP. You can visit him at his blog at

Lesley C. Weston: "I write to live and live to have things to write about."

Josh Maday lives in Michigan. His writing has been published or is forthcoming in New York Tyrant, Apostrophe Cast, IsReads, Phoebe, Lamination Colony, Action Yes, Barrelhouse, Dark Sky Magazine, Everyday Yeah, Opium Magazine, No Colony, Thieves Jargon, NANO Fiction, and elsewhere.

Carl Annarummo runs The Greying Ghost. He is runs a cassette label dedicated to odd noises and found sounds. Extensive info on these two projects, as well as his blog, etc... can be found at Airforce Joyride.

Monday, September 21, 2009


My publisher, Adam Robinson, added Easter Rabbit to Goodreads, the social networking site for readers. Writer J.A. Tyler was kind enough to put Easter Rabbit on his to-read list. He is founding editor of mud luscious / ml press and the author of SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (ghost road press, 2009), INCONCEIVABLE WILSON (scrambler books, 2009), and IN LOVE WITH A GHOST (willows wept press, 2010).

Table Tennis Blog

I decided to broaden my outreach with Easter Rabbit to blogs and bloggers of all kinds. The folks at Table Tennis Blog weren't interested in the book, but were kind enough to reply to my inquiry. Visit them for all sorts of information about table tennis, "The most under-rated sport in existence."