Friday, December 17, 2010

Brand New Easter Rabbit Cover!

Here it is, straight off the easel (actually, work bench) from painter extraordinaire Christine Sajecki. Encaustic and photocopy transfer on birch panel. Back cover design by Adam Robinson. Sent to the printers today!

Friday, November 19, 2010


In early 2011, Publishing Genius will do the REPRINT of my book of microfictions, Easter Rabbit. The REPRINT will have an all-new cover from original Easter Rabbit cover maker and brilliant encaustic artist Christine Sajecki. The REPRINT will also include new stories and such. Ready?

I didn't like it

At Books I Read in 2010, Zachary German didn't like Easter Rabbit. Maybe it's because after I met him here in Baltimore and he gave me his book I didn't send him mine for like 2 months? Nah, just joking. Isn't everybody going to like it. Still, I don't mind the review, as such: "i didn't really like it. wasn't unpleasant to read, just didn't really leave me with much. reminded me sort of of diane williams mixed with david berman. ON ACID!"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dark Sky Magazine

Hey, me and microfiction just got interviewed at Dark Sky Magazine by the excellent Brad Green. Great mag, fine interviewer.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best New Book by a Local Author

Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young

Microfictionist Joseph Young has whittled the short story down to a few sentences—and often fewer than 50 words. What’s disarming is how effective these stories are in Easter Rabbit. You expect something so terse to feel incomplete, a mere piece of some greater whole, but the stories, moments, relationships, and feelings in these 100 pages end up saying all they need to in an artfully precise use of language.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vestal Review Review

Wow I've been so caught up in some other stuff [see below] that I haven't posted about this cool review at Vestal Review by the hard working Antonios Maltezos. Says Antonios,

"As an admirer of Joseph Young’s work, I’m aware he has collaborated with visual artists, placing his “texts next to their work on gallery walls in various ways.” Quite extra-ordinary considering how the artist, in general, will pair up with his medium for life—the painter with his canvas, the sculptor with his clay, the writer with the printed page; the single-minded devotion to the medium almost religious. But in this age of hybrids, it seems quite natural for Joseph Young to want to manipulate space and time much as the painter does, by capturing a moment that only seems devoid of arc if the reader is unwilling to participate. For the open mind, however, we aren’t simply dropped in the moment, but within the folds of a lifelong struggle for balance and meaning, some measure of reward.


[Oh, what I've been caught up in: My vampire novel, NAME.]

Friday, March 19, 2010


Easter Rabbit just got this really cool and thoughtful review by Mike Young at his very own Noo Journal. He says such smart stuff like,

"These stories tick along with such sentences until the camera starts to melt: the world suddenly understood not through mimetic language but through the imposition of imagination. Conversations invent machines, a spider bite invents a vision of God" and "their job is to permute our circumstances and our language until they’ve uncovered new ways to make our world mysterious again."

Isn't that great? It's poetry itself, those words.

Rabbit also got a review from Stefani R. Maclin, who seems to be a librarian. She says,

"...hidden among these pages are treasures of tiny portraits, slices of life, of love, death, and breath. Cities and heartbreaks both rise from the ashes here, each story grasping at 'starlight... out of reach' with 'small and smaller tries.'"

That's nice too.