Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vestal Review Review

Wow I've been so caught up in some other stuff [see below] that I haven't posted about this cool review at Vestal Review by the hard working Antonios Maltezos. Says Antonios,

"As an admirer of Joseph Young’s work, I’m aware he has collaborated with visual artists, placing his “texts next to their work on gallery walls in various ways.” Quite extra-ordinary considering how the artist, in general, will pair up with his medium for life—the painter with his canvas, the sculptor with his clay, the writer with the printed page; the single-minded devotion to the medium almost religious. But in this age of hybrids, it seems quite natural for Joseph Young to want to manipulate space and time much as the painter does, by capturing a moment that only seems devoid of arc if the reader is unwilling to participate. For the open mind, however, we aren’t simply dropped in the moment, but within the folds of a lifelong struggle for balance and meaning, some measure of reward.


[Oh, what I've been caught up in: My vampire novel, NAME.]

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