Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catch These

Since last post, there has been some new rabbit news.

Christopher Higgs wrote up his Notes On Joseph Young's Easter Rabbit over at HGiant. Chris keeps the wildly eclectic blog Bright Stupid Confetti, which is a lot about art. He's also a Publishing Genius label mate, with his chapbook Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously. In his Notes On Easter Rabbit Chris says, "I really had a good time reading Young’s sentences…this is why I come to literature: not for story, but for sentences…and this book delivers." He also says, "The way I picture this book in my head is as if the entire story had been painted as a mosaic onto a stained glass window and then the window shattered and Young came and glued the pieces back together," which is pretty cool.

Over in his post at Big Other, Little Easter War Machine Rabbit, J.A. Tyler reminds us on a pretty cool book called Little War Machine, put out by Ravenna Press. That book, says, J.A., reminds him of Easter Rabbit, "well-written, tightly-wound, intensely-structured."

And then there's been a variety of activities at Goodreads, with tiny reviews of Easter Rabbit by Brad Green and John Dermot Woods, plus a reiteration of her Easter Rabbit cover blurb by Amelia Gray. Says Brad, "Well worth multiple reads." Says John, "An incredibly new take on literature. Joe's idea of what language can comprise a narrative and his experiments with brevity gave me a feeling similar to the first time I read Gary Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way."

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