Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow, Megan Lavelle Writes Easter

Megan Lavelle, artist, designer, curator, writer, photographer of first class wrote an essay on Easter Rabbit for the Baltimore art blog, BmoreArt, here. It's such a wonderful piece of thought and image and idea. You should also check out the excellent How We Dwell, a huge project curated by Megan spanning over a year in which she invited artists of all kinds to live in her apartment for a weekend. Oh, and this great piece with pop sickle sticks. Surf around her site!

From her essay, "The relationship between text and reader becomes transactional, how much are we willing to give and how much do we want to take. The small texts draw us in and the white space requires us to go beyond the page, beyond the comfort of the words and to our own black box."

Thanks, Megan.

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