Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Matchbook Review

As in all things Matchbook, a thoughtful, closely read review of Easter Rabbit appears on the Matchbook Magazine blog by Edward Mullany. Edward and Matchbook also run, in case you don't know, a popular and lively discussion group on Fictionaut. From the review:

"At his best, Young pressures language until the plot he is describing - even a plot that is ordinary - is suffused with something sacred. His use of white space, between title and story, and between lines of the story itself, is bold enough to relieve us of the sort of sedentary composure which some habits of reading effect in us. Yet it is also careful enough that the traces of the story are retained.

"Easter Rabbit is composed of three sections - the title section (which is the longest), Deep Falls, and God Not Otherwise. It is possible to conceive of the book as a sort of literary triptych - a treatment of religious ideas in a secular world."

That last is really neat.

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