Friday, January 1, 2010


So...there's ER activity on the blogs, starting with this cryptographic message out of Derek White's 5cense blog for xmas day: "some books clustter useless knowledge & words in your headpool—others like this one accumulate such disparate junk DNA & bundle it into tidy packages—objets d'art—so you can move on."

There's also the Big Other with other. John Madera so goodly gives Easter Rabbit a nod in his post My Favorite Books in 2009 (in alphabetical order). Then, just a couple days later, John Dermot Woods, 5 Books Published in 2009 that Wrecked My Brain a Little. John says, "This is an IMPORTANT book. Some reviewer predicted early in Richard Brautigan’s career that he was creating a new genre, that one day we’d read novels, poems, short stories, and 'brautigans.' He was right, even if common parlance has yet to catch up. Enter the new mode of writing: 'joe-youngs.'"

And, Brad Green at Elevate the Ordinary gives Easter Rabbit a year end entry in A Year in Reading. My title is in bold in Brad's systemology but I'll let you visit to see what that means.

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  1. Easter Rabbit had a tremendous effect on me. It lingers still and I find myself urged in directions that I'd not previously considered. It's given me a deeper appreciation of the short form. Thanks!