Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey, Reviews, I've Got to Catch Up

Easter Rabbit has 3 new reviews since last we checked in. Well, maybe 2 and a half, one is more a succinctly stated opinion than a review. But those are good too!

Number one we have a review and interview at the colorfully lettered and nicely ambitious The Short Review. The interview was conducted by head chief Tania Hershman and the review handled by David Woodruff. Says David, "One gets a sense that the stories of Easter Rabbit are crafted from a sense of music as well as a mystery of daily life, the relationships, tired or conflicted, that help to define us." Also, "Those who liked their fiction well-defined or gobbled up and forgotten after a single reading, will find Easter Rabbit vexing. But in its open-ended form, in its prism-like prose, this is one book that the reader can return to again and again to see new meanings. In that sense, I believe the book is worth far more than its price."

Number two is a review at Ghoti Magazine (you know what that spells, right?) by CL Bledsoe:

"The bottom line is that Young takes situations that seem, mostly, fairly mundane, and breathes meaning into them. A man sees a black rat running through the leaves and this becomes a beautiful moment. Nature reflects experience as a girl feels “wind sliding up her skirt like a friend’s hand.” Young’s stories turn on a dime, taking simple scenes and suddenly exposing them for the powerfully important moments they really are."

Three we have the blog post by Ben White, runner of Nanoism, the Twitter fiction concern. Ben is perhaps less enamored of the book than some others. He says, "With around 80 stories that one could read in under an hour, the collection has the potential to be a numbing read. Many of stories understandably have a similar feel, the sparse dialog of a man and a woman, an image, a setting. ER demands to be read slowly, picked up and put down." Fair enough. He also wonders, fairly enough, if Easter Rabbit, despite it's fiction tab, is not in fact poetry. I've heard that.

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