Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NewPages Review

Easter Rabbit was just reviewed by the ever-so-busy John Madera for the New Pages site. I like the first paragraph a lot:

"With their directness and precision, their attention to what Ezra Pound would call “luminous details,” Joseph Young’s microfictions might be mistaken for Imagist poems, but with their shift away from showing “things” as “things” toward “things” as something else, or, rather, toward portraying both the “thingness” of the thing and of some different “thing,” his miniatures suggest something altogether different. But where they fit is less important than what they do, how they make you feel. In Easter Rabbit’s miniatures, its sharp sentences focused on often mundane details, Young offers epics. Seemingly channeling William Blake, he offers further “auguries of innocence,” further testaments to worlds in granules, heavens in flowers, and – well, suffice to say, these are sentences to linger over."

John also wrote a nice blurb of his review on his blog, where you can find links to other reviews he's done and other projects. You should check out some of these other reviews, too. He's good at what he does.

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