Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HTML Giant

There's a bit of noise about Easter Rabbit over at HTML Giant. Thanks, Blake, thanks, everybody.

Mike Young says, "joe young has been one of my favorite “online writers” for 5+ years

i published one of his stories in the first issue of noo: “domestic”

joe young walked me kindly to a strange and lovely comic book store but didn’t go inside with me because he had to go swimming

this is also an accurate summary of his prose

joe young rocks"

Josh Maday says, "Joe Young’s collection is, of course, excellent. If you read it once, you’ll read it twice, at least (I have my sources). Young’s microfictions function like emergency life rafts in that he gets this ostensibly small bit of material into your head and then pulls the cord and something huge unfolds.

Well, I gave that metaphor a good beating.

Anyway, I’m excited to see this book."

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