Saturday, September 26, 2009


The blog from Pank Magazine included Easter Rabbit in their "Five Things, It's Friday" post. They also linked Shellie Zacharia's new book, Now Playing, which is on preorder from Keyhole.

Over at Matt Bell's blog, Matt in all kindness reprints my story, "Valentine," which is included in Easter Rabbit. Matt is behind the super new, super great magazine The Collagist.

At Goodreads, some new folks have put Easter Rabbit on their to-read lists:

P.H. Madore runs the magazine, Dispatch Litareview. Ellen Frances says, "[P. H. Madore] is nice."

We just heard about Matt Bell above. Here's some more though: Matt Bell is the author of two chapbooks, The Collectors and How the Broken Lead the Blind, and has had fiction published recently in Conjunctions, Gulf Coast, Meridian, Monkeybicycle, and Keyhole. He lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Peter Cole is the editor of Keyhole Magazine. He also does Nashville Is Reads. He also does a lot of stuff.

J. Michael Wahlgren has Gold Wake Press. If you click his name, you'll see things about old cameras and poetry. His book Credo is forthcoming from Greying Ghost Press.

Ryan W. Bradley is currently working on his MFA in creative writing from Pacific University. His poetry and fiction has been published or is forthcoming in The Oregonian, A Thousand Faces, Third Wednesday, Yippee Magazine, and Gander Press Review. He has also "pumped gas."


  1. i love that "pumped gas" is in quotes. makes it seem shady/euphemistic

  2. Hi Joe, the encaustic rabbit is beautiful. I look forward to your book. Kate