Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some people have been good enough to post about Easter Rabbit on their blogs.

Paula Bomer tells us about the Easter Rabbit preorder on her fittingly eponymous blog, Paula Bomer. Fittingly, she tells us, "I'm a writer." After having seen her read at the 510 Series here in Baltimore, I can say "and a good one!"

Meanwhile, at more blogs more fittingly named, J.A. Tyler, at J.A. Tyler blog, writes, "EASTER RABBIT by joseph young - a collection of micro-fictions that promises to pummel & overwhelm." Read the excerpt, "the ostrich," from his novella The Zoo, A Going.

Finally, Adam Robinson writes about this blog on his blog. Adam says, "Joe Young is keeping a funny blog about press for Easter Rabbit. I don't know why I think it's funny, maybe because it's so blatantly promotional. It seems like if you come within 100 e-feet of the book, like comment on it somewhere or decline writing about it for your ping pong blog or ADD IT TO YOUR GOODREADS PAGE, Joe will write, like, a microbio about you."

Adam has a book coming out some time from Narrow House that's going to be amazing.

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