Friday, November 6, 2009

Lucky We Got 'Em

And now, your Goodreads update...

Michael Kimball, who is going to read Easter Rabbit, has a wide net. For start, he wrote Dear Everybody, a novel so good, it really is. For next is his world famous project Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard), which was talked about on NPR. After that, he works with Luca Dipierro on making films, Little Burn Films. After again, he interviews writers at Faster Times, such as Gary Lutz and Rachel Sherman. That's a lot though there's more.

Melanie LaBarge, from Albany, wants to read Easter Rabbit. Her favorite writer is Shane Jones, and I think that's not a coincidence; Light Boxes is dedicated to a Melanie. I'm guessing she's the Melanie too that's a massage therapist, which is very right livelihood.

Chuy Boca seems to moonlight as Derek White. Derek is fond of seafood--he runs the excellent Calamari Press and the fine magazine Sleepingfish. His book, Poste Restante, was reviewed at The Believer, where Ross Simonini says, "White demonstrates the elasticity of [flash fiction] and how the compressed format can allow for some of the wildest creative leaps in new fiction."

Stephanie Johnson is the author of One of These Things Is Not Like the Others, which is stories from Keyhole Books. One of those stories is "A Case Study in Accidents," originally over at Contrary Magazine. Stephanie has live e-readings for the stories, too. Adam Robinson (right, that one) interviewed her at HTML Giant.

Micah Cash is a painter. I know his painting, and he was good enough to let me hang a work of his in a show I co-curated. He was interviewed by Tom Brown, where Micah says, "My choices of materials are always very specific; usually chosen for their metaphorical and physical properties in relation to the emotive elements I want to convey." This sounds very smart and in line with what I know of his evocative work.

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