Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodreads Has Been A While

New people reading or to-reading Easter Rabbit from Goodreads:

Heather Christle is the author of The Difficult Farm, a collection of poems published by Octopus Books. I'm waiting for it in the mail. Heather is either In The Library With The Wrench or you are. She's got poems in GlitterPony and 1 of them has 10 parts. A broadside of "Barnstormer" is at Nor By Press.

Blake Butler. Books like Scorch Atlas, from Featherproof, and Ever, from Calamari. "Blake Butler is a daring invigorator of the literary sentence, and the room-ridden narrator of his debut novella, EVER, nerves her way into a hallucinative ruckus of rousing originality." —Gary Lutz. And HTML Giant.

William Walsh, Attleboro, is going to-read Easter Rabbit. He wrote Questionstruck: A Collection of Question-based Texts Derived from the Books of Calvin Trillin and Without Wax: A Documentary Novel, both with colons. Rain Taxi and Blake Butler (see above) wrote about Without Waxxx: "Without Wax is full of the electric, the taboo, the sad bizarre. There's no doubt Walsh knows what he's doing."

Jamie Gaughran-Perez is Baltimore, my friend, definitely Very Most Good. He just wrote something at the really interesting Wunderkammer with pictures of kids, and Jamie knows kids. He's one of the people at Narrow House and Sweatpants.

Last, no least, is Ken Baumann. Blench: A Music
will be at New York Tyrant and Internal Dialog is already at Lamination Colony. He's editing No Posit and co-editing No Colony, yes. He's even got an IMDb page, hugging this girl.

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