Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interview by David Erlewine (with weird Luke Wilson interjections)

At his blog of all things fiction, Whizby Fiction, David asks me such well-researched and interesting questions about Easter Rabbit. Check it. There you can also see his Goodreads review.

David, he's a lawyer and a tireless writer and instigator of interesting writing things. e.g., he's now flash fiction editor of JMWW, from which I have no doubt interesting things will come. Another, he's at the front edge of Twiction, as shown by this piece on MSNBC. There are too many of his stories out there in the world to even imagine. Here's just a few: @ Pindeldyboz, @ Monkeybicycle, @ Hobart, @ elimae.

1 comment:

  1. too kind, Joe, many thanks

    great to interact with cool people like you

    i took off so long from writing and reading. i watched way too much football and cnn. i am glad to be in a world where i interact with joe youngs, adam robinsons, and others

    oh, and the luke wilson thing is creepy but dude you were just slinging the insults. really kind of saddened me and made me question the whole endeavor

    then i remembered pf kluge's alma mater, where he sat around in budget meetings, listing major league baseball players with animal nicknames

    thanks again man for the shout here. very nice of you.