Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, Blogs! & et Cetera

For today's roundup, we first present John Dermot Woods, working over there at, you guessed it, John Dermot Woods dot com. He says fine things about the Easter Rabbit book trailer, "This is the simplest piece of beauty I’ve looked upon in a while." John has a great novel out called The Complete Collection of people, places & things, by BLAZEVOX. I heard him read from it, and it's funny and sincere, and it's got lovely drawings also by John. See La Petite Zine and also Lamination Colony.

Next, The Idiom by Christopher Newgent. Over there he says he's going to take Publishing Genius and me up on our challenge: read Easter Rabbit in one sitting, get your money back. Christopher might even liveblog his attempt. He's got nice stuff in nice places, such as, "At the Fire Scene" and They Are My City. He was in Top 50 for wigleaf.

Ok, on to Goodreads...

Sasha Fletcher has said he'll read it. I know he was an Everyday Genius, a la fovea, and will be a Mudlucious. We walked to get beer once.

Amy lives in Alexandria, VA. She likes Ray Bradbury and Aimie Bender, among others.

Matthew Simons is the Man Who Couldn't Blog, and another good to-reader of Easter Rabbit. He is also a t-shirt, and he is his very moving book, A Jello Horse, by Publishing Genius. Check out the review at The Believer. He is influenced by "peaches." Read something good on 5_Trope.

Jason DeBoer is in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work has appeared in nice printy places like The Iowa Review, Quarterly West, and Rosebud, and electron places like Mississippi Review and Failbetter. His novel Stupor, if like his other nice work, is good and should be found a home.

Ah, Rusty Barnes. You and I don't have to even look to know he edits for the fantastic Night Train. Still, we can know that he is the author of Breaking It Down, a collection of flash fiction from Sunnyoutside. Also, good things to look forward to, 3 poems at Dead Mule and a story at A Trunk of Delirium.

Rauan Klassnik, all the way from South Africa, "collects and loves." He has prose poems in a book called Holy Land, from Black Ocean. Gary Young, who I think is probably the same one who used to live in Baltimore, says about Holy Land, "His poems—dreamlike fables that conflate the domestic and quotidian with the dangerous and the perverse—are bathed in tears and blood." Something else is Ringing, which is a free chapbook and illustrated in a really nice way.

Well, Shane Jones. He's got a book, Light Boxes, blowing up. Hipster Book Club says "Gorgeously surreal and touching," and they're not the only ones. Originally from Publishing Genius, it's due out in a second from Penguin Books. Also, in case you don't know, Spike Jonze has said he'll make a movie of the book, bringing in the pretty awesome Ray Tintori to direct. Year of the Liquidator is the new press from Shane and Blake Butler--great. Wow, I also didn't know til now that he blogged Easter Rabbit. Thanks!

Finally, John Dermot Woods, like up above, also put Easter Rabbit on his to-read list. Here's one more for Woods: His comic chapbook, The Remains, is forthcoming from Doublecross Press.


  1. Thanks much, and much obliged for the mention, Joseph. I think, since we had the quick email exchange, you were added to my gChat by default? I saw your name pop up as Online, and was confused, and then not confused. el fin.

  2. Apologies to Blake and Shane about mixing up the name of your press with the name of the first book you will publish, One Hour of Television, by KRISTINA BORN. FIxed now.